Vivitar VIV-DF-286-NIK Bounce Zoom Swivel Speedlite Flash for Nikon Cameras (Black)

Vivitar VIV-DF-286-NIK Bounce Zoom Swivel Speedlite Flash for Nikon Cameras (Black)

Product Description

       The Vivitar DF-286 flash is a fully automatic, system-dedicated shoe mount flash. It features full TTL support for digital SLR cameras. The bounce, zoom, and swivel head will give you more creative opportunities with your shots. The four position zoom can be set to bounce at 0deg, 45deg, 60deg, 75deg, and 90deg, and has a horizontal swivel of 270deg. to allow for softer lighting. The flash includes a built-in slave function which allows it to be positioned off-camera, and triggered by any second flash. A red focus beam will help you achieve focus in low light conditions, and power saving circuitry incorporates an auto-off element, giving you more battery life. The included flash reflecting plate creates beautiful lighting which greatly improve your images. The wide angle diffuser can be attached to the flash head to soften and increase the coverage of light from the flash. Red-eye reduction will prevent your flash from reflecting off your subject’s eyes. Features: Red Eye reduction Available for Canon and Nikon Auto Focus/TTL Metering Guide Number 59 at 85 zoom position Power Saving Functions Focus Beam to Assist in Low Light Conditions Flash Readiness Indication in Viewfinder Automatic Shutter Speed Setting DSLR Auto Focus 6 Way Flash (Bounce up/down; Swivel left/right; Zoom in/out) 270deg. Swivel Position left 180deg./right 90deg. Built-In Slave Function Recycle Time: 0.3-10 Sec. Power Source: 4x AA Batteries Package DSLR AF Flash Diffuser One Year Warranty Card

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