Vivitar Aquashot Underwater Digital Camera

Vivitar Aquashot Underwater Digital Camera

Product Description

       The VGA digital camera is basically a point and shoot underwater camera that works up to 30 feet under water or out of the water as a normal camera. It is a focus free 0.3 MP camera that has a 640×480 pixel maximum resolution. This is because most people do not have time to focus when they want to capture an underwater animal. The digital camera has a real image viewfinder and can easily take photographs on the fly. It has one USB port for transferring of photos to a computer. The underwater camera has internal storage but no external ports for storage cards for obvious reasons. The Sakar VGA digital camera must be as sealed up as possible against the water around it. With its built-in memory, this camera can hold approximately 152 digital photos.. Takes up to 152 digital photos. Feature:Water resistant up to 30 feet. Feature ackage contains: 3-in-1 digital camera, USB connector, Vivitar image zone software, neck strap and underwater

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