Vivitar 40 Piece Microscope Set

Vivitar 40 Piece Microscope Set

Promotionally priced 40-piece magnfier set.

  • 3 Magnifications;300x, 600x, and up to an enormous 1200x power.
  • 20 pieces- Includes 5 prepared, 7 blank glass slides, interchangeable eyepieces, beakers, dye and hard shell carry case.
  • Large easy-turn rotary focusing knob and high-quality Vivitar optics.
  • Educational, fun at the same tim and high-quality. Great for science projects, school science lab and exploration.
  • 300x, 600x and 1200x Magnifications
  • Built-in light for direct illumination (uses 2 AA batteries, not included) Reflecting mirror for natural ilumination
  • Shrimp Hatchery for Grow and Observe your own shrimp, Specimen Slicer for Create your own slides with items from around your home.

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