Vivitar 3″ LCD Hood 2x Magnifier

Vivitar 3″ LCD Hood 2x Magnifier

Product Description

       Vivitar 3″ LCD Hood 2x Magnifier200% Magnification; Allows you to Shoot with Stability; Works with a Maximum 3″ LCD screen; Easily Mounts to DSLR Cameras;Outstanding for Shooting in Bright Sunlight.The Vivitar LCD Magnifier can help alleviate many ofthe problems associated with today’s LCD screens.The 2x magnification will let you see everything you need to form a comfortable distance through any lenses, filters, or other add-ons. You no longerhave to get right against the screens to frame your shot. You won’t always have to stare through the eye-piece to set up a photo. The small, low resolution screens on many popular consumer cameras make it difficult to find focus. In some cases, just seeing the image can be next to impossible.With the Vivitar LCD magnifier, the anti-reflective coating and 2-inch “neck” combine to give you a larger, clearer view of LCD screens up to 3 inches, free from glare and reflections even in bright sunlight. Sturdily constructed, this magnifier will stand up to rigorous use, but never damage your camera’s finish. It can be easily used on the rightor left eye. The universal magnetic mounting interface lets you rapidly mount and demount efficiently, and without wear and tear on your camera.Features:* 200% Magnification* Allows you to Shoot with Stability* Works with a Maximum 3″ LCD screen* Easily Mounts to DSLR Cameras*Outstanding for Shooting in Bright Sunlight* Package Contents: LCD 2x Magnifier, Carrying Pouch,Mounting Plate, Lanyard, One Year Warranty Card

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