Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US for Vivitar camera

Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US for Vivitar camera

Product Description

       Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US for Vivitar camera . This Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US allows you to charge your iPods, cellular phones, PDAs or digital devices and other audio devices with your current rapid car charger in any standard electrical outlet.Use a vehicle power charger in any AC outlet. (vehicle power charger NOT includes)FEATURES: For use with all chargers / eliminators Internal circuits allows for international usage. Charging 110/220 volts without the need to change settings. Safely switches 110-240V AC input into 12V DC (same as your car) power supply. Ultra compact design allows you to take your charger anywhere. SPECIFICATIONS: Input: 90 -240 V, 50 Hz, 80 MAOutput: 12V DC, 600MAColor: BlackCharging Cable or car charger NOT included.IMPORTANT NOTES: Works with cigarette lighter chargers only and with standard U.S. wall outlets.Compatible With Vivitar ViviCam X029 iTwist 7028 ViviCam T327 ViviCam 5118 ViviCam 8025 ViviCam F128 ViviCam 9112 ViviCam T026 ViviCam 7022 ViviCam X024 ViviCam 9124 ViviCam T125 iTwist T028 ViviCam 5022 ViviCam T135 Clipshot 11698 ViviCam F332 ViviCam F529 ViviCam X025 ViviCam X324 iTwist F129 ViviCam 8027 ViviCam T132 ViviCam X026 ViviCam S529 ViviCam T325 ViviCam 8690 ViviCam X018 ViviCam T127 ViviCam X014 ViviCam T324N ViviCam X327 ViviCam 8225 ViviCam T024 ViviCam 7024 ViviCam X225 ViviCam X028 ViviCam T328 ViviCam 8400 ViviCam T532 iTwist F536 ViviCam 5028 ViviCam 5018 ViviCam 8370 ViviCam 5050 ViviCam 8010 ViviCam 3188 ViviCam T030 ViviCam 5399 ViviCam 8018 ViviCam 8324 ViviCam 5188 ViviCam 4090 ViviCam T324 ViviCam 5020 ViviCam 7399 ViviCam 5024 ViviCam 5015 ViviCam V15 iTwist T126 ViviCam 8400W Vivicam T539 ViviCam 7690

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