Photive Battery Grip for Canon EOS Rebel T5i, T4i, T3i, T2i (Replaces Canon BG-E8) PH-GRP550D

Photive Battery Grip for Canon EOS Rebel T5i, T4i, T3i, T2i (Replaces Canon BG-E8) PH-GRP550D And Lowest Online Prices


Product Description

The Photive PH-BGE8 Battery Grip for Canon T5i,T4i, T3i, T2i is a grip designed for use specifically with the Canon T4i, T3i and T2i digital SLR cameras. It accepts up to 2 LP-E8 batteries to effectively double the camera’s battery life. The included AA battery holder also allows you to use 6 AA batteries for added convenience. The PH BG-E8 offers an alternate shutter release button, and main dial to facilitate shooting in standard or vertical position. The Soft rubberized coating provides comfort and increased stability.  If you love photography and don’t have one of these you need to get one right away!

Features & Benefits ♦ Doubles the camera’s battery life ♦ Allows you to hold your camera easier when you try to take portrait / vertical orientation photos. ♦ Makes it easier for those with larger hands to grip the camera ♦ Replaces Canon BG-E8 Battery Grip for a Fraction of the Price ♦ Includes a second cassette allowing the photographer to shoot using 6 AA batteries. ♦ Rubberized coating on the grip which gives you a more secure hold.

Compatibility: Canon EOS Digital Rebel T5i Canon EOS Digital Rebel T4i Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i

Available Functions: ♦ Shutter-Release ♦ Main Dial ♦ AF Point Selection/Magnify Button ♦ AF/FE Lock/Index/Reduce Button ♦ Aperture/Exposure Compensation Button ♦ Vertical Grip Operation Switch

Package Includes: 1 x BGE8 Battery Grip for Canon EOS T5i/T4i/T3i/T2i 1 x Battery Holder for 6 AA batteries 1 x Battery Holder for 2 LP-E8 batteries 1 x Manual

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