Nikon D5200 For Dummies [Kindle Edition]

Nikon D5200 For Dummies [Kindle Edition]

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Learn to:

  • Take professional-looking photos even if this is your first dSLR
  • Use automatic shooting modes or move up to manual control
  • Get creative with exposure, color, focus, and special effects


Fantastic photos, marvelous movies — master the features of your D5200, and get both

Now that you have your Nikon D5200, you’re probably eager to get out there and start shooting. But check out this book first! You’ll learn what all the camera’s controls are for, which exposure modes work best, how to control focus and color, and how to shoot movies. You also get tips for printing and sharing photos.

  • Tour the controls — find out what all the settings do and program your camera for automatic shooting
  • Personalize adjustments — learn to adjust the viewfinder for your eyesight, use the articulating monitor, and customize buttons
  • Movies and more — explore Live View mode, experiment with focusing options, and shoot both still images and movies
  • Play that back — set playback preferences, delete bad photos and protect great ones, and prepare photos for printing or e-mail
  • Take charge — master exposure control, manipulate focus and color, and manage flash

Open the book and find:

  • Tips on choosing lenses
  • The scoop on file formats
  • How to use your monitor as a viewfinder
  • Explanations of f-stops, shutter speed, and other terms
  • Advice on downloading and processing photo files
  • What “noise” is and how to control it
  • Hints for capturing specific images
  • Ways to edit photos using menu options

About the Author

Julie Adair King has been writing about digital cameras and photography for more than a decade. She is the author of several books on various Nikon and Canon cameras as well as Digital Photography For Dummies. She teaches beginning digital photographers at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

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