Nikon COOLPIX S9500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 22x Zoom and GPS (Silver)

Nikon COOLPIX S9500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 22x Zoom and GPS (Silver)


Product Description

Color: Silver

From the Manufacturer

Packing a large zoom lens into a small and stylish body is a  specialty for the cameras of the Ultra-Slim Zoom collection! Update your  look with a variety of colors and styles, and get high quality photos  from up close or afar.

Share the sights and sounds of your travels like never before. Meet your new favorite travel companion, the ultra-slim, fully connected  COOLPIX S9500. With the versatility of a 22x zoom super-telephoto lens,  the superb image quality of an 18.1-megapixel low-light CMOS sensor and  the extreme convenience of built-in Wi-Fi® and GPS, capturing and  sharing the sights and sounds of your trip has never been easier. Shoot a  stunning panorama landscape, then instantly share it—along with the  exact location it was shot—to your smartphone or tablet. When you get  home, explore your photos and videos on an interactive map and relive  the adventure step by step, shot after shot.

Get close from afar

Capture distant images with a 22x wide-angle to telephoto NIKKOR glass zoom lens

Every COOLPIX is designed around a genuine NIKKOR glass  lens, the legendary optics that have made Nikon famous. The COOLPIX  S9500 features a 22x zoom NIKKOR lens that takes you from wide-angle  group shots to telephoto close-ups in an instant. And don’t worry about a  little camera shake—lens-shift Vibration Reduction helps keep the shot  steady even when your hands are not.

Share amazing photos in an instant

Built-in Wi-Fi® for easily sharing your shots anytime, anywhere

The COOLPIX S9500 makes it easier than ever to share  beautiful views of your world. Take a great shot and instantly send it  to your compatible smartphone, tablet, or any compatible Wi-Fi® device.  Then use your smart device to email it, text it, or upload it to your  favorite social networking or photo album sites—share it the same way  you normally share online. Your friends and family will be amazed by the  shots you share!

See where you’ve been

Built-in GPS, mapping, Electronic Compass and Points of Interest (POI) for creating amazing photo journals

Relive the excitement of your travels in a whole new way.  The COOLPIX S9500 records the exact location of each shot you take, so  you can follow the path of your adventure and every stunning view along  the way! Share your photo journeys on Google Earth™, Google+™ and other  social media sites, or with the included Nikon View NX2 software.  Built-in mapping and Electronic Compass also helps you navigate  unfamiliar destinations, and Points of Interest (POI) show you nearby  photo-ops like scenic lookouts and historic landmarks. The COOLPIX S9500  is the ultimate travel companion!

Superior low-light performance

High-performance CMOS image sensor lets you shoot without a flash

Imagine being able to shoot without a flash at weddings,  concerts, parties—anywhere your flash normally fires. You won’t have to  interrupt a moment to capture it, and your photos and HD videos will  look more natural and true to your memory. The COOLPIX S9500 performs so  well in low light situations that, in most cases, using the flash is  optional. Of course, when the lighting is extremely poor and you need a  flash, it’ll be there. .

Turn some heads

Sleek, stylish design that fits in your pocket

Form and function can play nicely together, and the COOLPIX  S9500 is proof. Ultra-thin and lightweight, it fits comfortably in your  pocket or purse. But you won’t want to hide it there—every time you  pull out the COOLPIX S9500, you can expect someone to comment on its  good looks. Consider it a stylish accessory for your already fashionable  life.








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