Canon T3i Instructional DVD by QuickPro Camera Guides (2012)

Canon T3i Instructional DVD by QuickPro Camera Guides (2012)


Mom’s review for son August 4, 2011

By Amy Morrison
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  My son purchased this camera using my account. This is what he has said about the camera. “I love this camera. The pictures I am taking are absolutely fabulous! I am having a ball learning how to use the camera and the different settings I can use to take pictures. I have taken thousands of pictures. I have three little girls and they are my favorite subjects, but I have taken pictures of the weather, the cloud formations, the moon, flowers, bugs, animals, and anything else I can have the time to point the camera at when I am not working. I have three lenses and am using all of them while learning just what this camera can do and I have a lot of learning yet to play with. I cannot tell you how much fun I and having and how amazed I am at all I have learned to do so far and am so looking forward to learning all I can do with this wonderful, amazing camera. I bought a book to help me, but because of my learning disability, I am doing so much better just hands on trying and testing and playing with it. Is fairly easy to learn to use (the book helps when I get stuck on something) and I very highly recommend this camera. Wonderful, great, beyond beautiful pictures!!!!!”
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