2×3 Inch ZINK Photo Paper for Pogo Cameras and Printers (Pack of 100!)

2×3 Inch ZINK Photo Paper for Pogo Cameras and Printers (Pack of 100!)

Product Description

       Designed for in-the-moment entertainment and fun, the 2×3-inch, semi gloss finish format is perfect for printing small format color photo stickers – anywhere, anytime! ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. When heat is applied in just the right way, full color images appear like magic on the paper – hence the term “magic paper”. ZINK Paper unlocks the full value of your digital content world without any need for ink.
The 2×3-inch ZINK Paper format is available for use with several ZINK-enabled mobile products, including: the Dell Wasabi, Polaroid PoGo, and TOMY Xiao.
Make this purchase today, and have a total of 100 – 2×3 inch ZINK paper! Keep some home, in the car, at your office, wherever you think you may be taking photos, and want to have them printed, instantly! We have also included a bonus cloth so that you can keep the face of your camera or printer, clean.
* Zero ink required. No need for ink cartridges or ribbons. All you need for full-color photos is right in the ZINK Paper.
* Capable of reproducing millions of vivid colors at very high resolution.
* Earth Friendly. Less waste – No cartridges, no extra packaging to throw away.
* Protected by a polymer overcoat, providing water resistance and image durability.
* Affordable for everyday use.
* Not sensitive to light.
* Long lasting and designed to resist fading from exposure to light, heat and humidity.

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